Bulk CBD Isolate For Sale

Our CBD Isolate for Sale

NewVista Hemp bulk CBD isolate for sale is extracted from USA hemp strains with high CBD content and it is processed through our state of the art laboratory equipment to produce the purest form of CBD available.

You can buy this pure CBD in the form of bulk CBD crystals or bulk CBD powder with purity levels exceeding 99.5% at wholesale prices.

We use the highest manufacturing standards and proprietary methods that allow us to produce very high quality CBD isolate for sale at lower costs than other labs and we pass those savings on to you.

Pricing for Bulk CBD Isolate and Crystals

In order to buy our CBD isolate and crystals in bulk, the purchase quantity needs to be a minimum of 10kg. This can be a one-time purchase (spot buy) or a contract buy with the agreement to purchase the quantity each month over a 2-12 month period.

Obviously, buying CBD isolate in bulk provides you with lower wholesale prices. The price of CBD isolate varies day to day depending on the cost and availability of the raw hemp material. When the cost of raw material is lower, the price of isolate is lower because our lab’s costs are lowered and we can pass those savings to you.

The cost of raw hemp material or biomass can vary seasonally due to supply and demand. At harvest time in most of the U.S. in September and October each year, there a large supply of biomass available and prices tend to go down. As this harvest supply is used up, prices for the material tend to rise and thus the cost of the isolate rises in synch. Towards the end of this cycle in the U.S. usually around summer time, biomass becomes more scarce and some labs choose to source product from other countries including Europe and South America.

How To Buy Our Bulk CBD Isolate

Due to the large amount and value of our CBD isolate that is sold, it is common practice to help protect buyer and seller with an escrow account for proof and disbursement of funds. In this way, both parties are secured for a smoother and safer sale. The buying process outlined below is pretty much an industry standard.

Here is our standard operating procedure for our bulk CBD isolate purchases:

1. You tell us the quantity you need, whether it is a spot buy or recurring, when you need it and where you are located. We in turn provide you a written quote – get started here.

2. If the quote is agreeable to you, you provide us with a Letter of Intent (LOI) here and a Proof of Funds here.

3. Once we receive LOI and POF, we provide you with a proof of life (for 100kg+ orders) within 48 hours. For orders under 100kg, a COA is provided showing the purity levels of the isolate and a residual solvent analysis.

4. You move your funds for the cost of the CBD isolate to the assigned third party escrow account.

5. A purchase and sale agreement is signed by both parties.

6. Once the purchase and sale agreement is signed, the product address is provided for your inspection and pickup in one of our warehouse locations. When your inspection is complete, the product is released to you and the funds are disbursed from escrow to us and any brokers involved. If the distance between one of our labs and your location is too far for you to arrange pickup, we arrange for secure delivery to your location.

There can be some variation in this procedure depending on the needs of buyer and the lab in special circumstances.

To get started, tell us a few details about what you desire for quantities, timing, etc and we will get to work for you.

How is our CBD isolate manufactured?

It starts with the raw hemp also known as the raw material or biomass which is sourced from our Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky farms. This raw material needs to be processed in order to extract and isolate the CBD. The most popular methods of extraction include ethanol, butane and CO2. There are advantages and disadvantages of each of these extraction methods.

The raw material is placed in the extraction equipment and processed to remove the CBD. With this first step, other material is also removed from the plant including chlorophyll terpenes.

The next step is called reduction and it involves a piece of equipment called a rotovap which further isolates the CBD and removes the unwanted residual materials such as the terpenes and any solvents such as ethanol.

The final step further distills this new material by continuing to remove impurities and produce the pure CBD isolate. The equipment in this step is known as distillation equipment. The material may need to pass through the equipment more than once to obtain market purity levels desired in the 99.5% - 99.9% purity levels.

What is the Difference Between Our CBD Isolate Powder and CBD Crystals?

CBD crystals look the way the sound (photo below left). The CBD is in a crystalline form which is solid. The added step of crushing the crystals produces the isolate powder form (see below right).

Uses For Our CBD Isolate

This is where things get interesting and you can be creative because you can use our bulk CBD isolate to create so many different and desired product formulations!

Pure CBD Isolate Oil - THC free oil great for consumers needing to pass drug tests - like those available here.

CBD Pain Rub – This is very popular because of the epidemic of chronic pain in our society. Different formulations are being used with carrier oils and other natural ingredients to produce a topical product that relieve pain instantly. Our HempWorx brand pain cream is a great example available here.

CBD Vape Products - Tinctures, cartridges and more - available here.

CBD Edibles – CBD water, CBD gummies, CBD baked goods, CBD Oils, even CBD chewing gum and more - available here.

CBD Skin Care – CBD has properties to enhance skin appearance and overall health so it is a perfect addition to skin care formulations. Our HempWorx skin care products are great examples available here.

Neutraceuticals – like other health supplements, our bulk CBD isolate can be used to create proprietary formulas that address particular and multiple health issues.

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